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I Switched to a VPS Server

The reason I had never looked in VPS servers is because I thought that was for someone a lot more advanced than I am, plus I thought it would be pretty expensive. I imagined someone with a computer degree would have to go that route, but I found out that it is not as hard as I thought it was. I decided to look into a cheap server just out of curiosity at first, because I had heard there were benefits to it that shared hosting does not allow.

Even though I wasn’t sure I would understand much of it, I still looked because I never thought I could build my own website or have an e-commerce business that was paying all of my bills either. I am really glad that I looked, because it was not at all intimidating like I thought it would be. The company that I looked at is very affordable. They are actually a lot less than I thought that they would be! I did want to make sure of a few things before I signed up with them though. I wanted to see how they allocate their system resources. Continue reading

A Homemade Metal Stamper and Bender

A lot of you occasional metalworking people out there want to know how to make your own sheet metal bender if you’re running small sized metal cutting services. That is understandable, if you only need a metal bender on a rare occasion – or perhaps if you are the type of person that has to build everything themselves. If you belong to the latter, I can tell you that making your own bending machine will probably not be worth it in terms of the hours you are going to put into it, as a commercially available sheet metal bending brake really isn’t very expensive – a couple of hundred dollars buys you a very nice machine indeed, and they can be had cheaper still.

But alright, you have made up your mind to build a sheet metal brake yourself, so let us look at what goes into a job like that. The sensible thing is to start by looking at how a commercial metal bending machine works, so try to arrange to go and look at one in person. Continue reading

Getting Ready to Move to My New Home

I am really pretty tired of this apartment and I was really pretty happy when I lucked into the chance to buy this tiny house. It sits on less than a quarter of an acre and it is quite small. I am packed up now and ready to move. I did not have time to clean my apartment so I paid a place called Coast 2 Coast Cleaning 139 dollars to do it for me. I figure that I will end up with two thirds of my deposit and that will have to do. I really just want to get out of there and away from the lunatics who have been my neighbors for the past 8 months. Continue reading