Being in Denial Got Me in Trouble with My Wife

You cannot just put things off to deal with much later. You have to stay on top of getting things done. It may be frustrating and tiring, but that is just the way life is. Life isn’t fair, and if you want to try to keep things in balance as much as possible, you must be willing to put in effort to try to keep things in balance. I did not do that, and I needed emergency roof replacement in Queens because of it. I could have saved money by doing the right thing, but I did not. Me ignoring things should be a lesson for everyone else.

I had a slight leak in the ceiling of one of my rooms about two years ago. I knew it because I could see the dried water stain on the ceiling. I ignored it and did nothing about it. The next four or so times that we had storms, I checked the room and did not notice any moisture. I launched into denial with the believe that everything was fine and maybe the problem with the roof was over with. But the very next time we had a much stronger storm, the leak was back. I saw it travel further across the ceiling and down one wall. But I still tried to ignore the situation, and I did nothing about it again.

One night, while my wife and I were eating supper, we heard a loud crash. We both got up from the table and raced around the house to try to figure out what broke. Soon enough, we walked into our guest bedroom and saw that part of the ceiling had crashed down to the floor. This is the ceiling that had a leak. My wife gave me a look and I knew that I was in trouble. There could be no more denying and I made a phone call to a roofing company as soon as I finished my dinner.

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