Instead of Vacationing at the Place We Liked, We Decided to Move There

Have you ever went on vacation and wish you could move there? I know that a lot of people want a beachfront home, but I like trees and lawns. I like sunshine and lots of it too. My wife and I liked visiting Georgia on vacation so much that we found ourselves looking for apartments for rent in Sandy Springs GA one year. We could not afford a vacation home, but we could afford a vacation apartment. We learned that there are place that have short-term leases as well as your standard year lease apartments. We have rented cabins and other places to stay at on our vacations. We hit the road on the first day after school lets out and do not go back to our place until late August before the new school year begins.

We really like Sandy Springs, Georgia. We like the city and the skyline that has the Concourse buildings. We stayed in a very nice apartment in the suburbs. Retreat River Park apartments are the perfect size for us, and the amenities are just perfect as well. We like all of the usable outdoor spaces the apartments have. There are quiet places to sit and read or talk. Outdoor dining tables, a beautiful pool and more encourage us to spend a lot of time outside. Having an apartment to stay in made it just like home. We applied for teaching positions in the Sandy Springs area on a whim. We were both accepted into the same school district. All we had to do was move ourselves south.

We had been feeling restless back home. Things were just not the same there anymore. We wanted a change, so we went ahead and made the move. We converted our short-term apartment lease into an annual one at a different place at Retreat River Park. It was even nicer than the first apartment we had there. That was a few years ago, and we are still very happy with our choice. The Sandy Springs area has become home to us now.

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