Physical Strength is Not Enough

Due to an unfortunate accident with toilet paper, I had to call a company to perform a drain cleaning in Rockland County NY. The toilet became clogged and was close to overflowing, but I was able to turn off the water before it went that far. I used my plunger to unclog the drain myself, but it didn’t budge. Usually these kinds of tasks only take a few minutes to fix, even with professional tools, which is why I didn’t want to make any calls. I’d rather not spend any money if I don’t have to, but in this case, I had no choice.

While waiting for the company to arrive, I tried again to unclog the drain. I put more force into the plunger and got an intense workout from it, but the only thing that happened was my muscles became tired. That was the most exercise my arms had gotten in a long while. I became tired and took a rest for 5 minutes, and started again. By the time the company arrived, I still hadn’t unclogged it. They looked at the toilet and knew just what to do to get rid of the clog.

From the back of their truck, the company workers took out a long tool that spins around to loosen up anything in a drain. The tool is called a snake and I wish I could find someone that would sell one to me. Plumbers usually carry them around, and they always tell me that they get them from a special supplier. If I ever figure out who supplies these things, I could unclog my own drains with ease. These tools are probably too expensive for the average person to afford. The snake used its mechanical advantage to unclog my toilet in less than a minute.

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