My Tree Needed to Be Pruned

I used to love trees, but that changed about ten years ago when one fell on my roof. I was not a happy camper then, mainly because the deductible in my insurance was really high. When I moved last year into a home that has a large tree pretty close to the house, one of the first things I did was contact a company that does tree service in Queens County, NY. I do like nature, and I didn’t want the tree to be cut down completely. I just wanted to make sure that it was not going to come down anytime soon on its own.

It did not look like it had ever been pruned, and that was the main thing that I wanted to make sure of. I wanted to ensure its healthiness, I suppose, because a strong, healthy tree is going to cause a lot less damage than one that is unhealthy and riddled with disease or insects. It looked decent to me, but I thought that some of the top could come off. When I called the tree service and explained that I just wanted to see if my tree needed to be pruned, they were able to send someone over fairly fast to give me an estimate.

The good news is that the tree is extremely healthy. The even better news is that it just needed to be pruned, and they were able to do that the same week. I am really happy with how it turned out, and I am even happier that this company will come back on a regular basis to make sure that not only that tree is fine, but the other ones on the property are too. It makes me feel a lot better and a whole lot more secure knowing that!

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