I Have Been Learning About Hinduism

I was not really thinking I would care that much about taking theology. It was just simply the best class that I could find that would help me get the credit I needed to get me closer to graduation. In fact I am taking four very difficult classes that are going to help me get my major in Applied Sciences. I was just hoping that this would be a fairly easy class to get a good grade in. It probably will be, but I have become interested in some of the religions which are very different from mine. Yajna for instance is the avatar of the hindu god Vishnu and it is associated with the act of sacrifices. In fact when you look around the web you see that there are a lot of rather unusual practices associated with Indian Hinduism. At least they are extremely different from any sort of religion that I have been familiar with in my life. There are actually people who claim that they are spellcasters. They offer to provide love spells and that sort of thing to people. Of course it has not be that long since you could get burned at the stake in a lot of places for that sort of thing. It is obviously something which is abhorrent to people who are fanatically Muslim or fanatically Christian as well. Groups like the Taliban have always had a very strong aversion to Hinduism and any religion which is not their own. Of course like the jihadists, no one is really a good enough muslim to suit them and they seem to have problems with every person who does not conform to the rigid ideology that they espouse. It is not like you can reason with people who do not want to do it.

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