I Switched to a VPS Server

The reason I had never looked in VPS servers is because I thought that was for someone a lot more advanced than I am, plus I thought it would be pretty expensive. I imagined someone with a computer degree would have to go that route, but I found out that it is not as hard as I thought it was. I decided to look into a cheap server just out of curiosity at first, because I had heard there were benefits to it that shared hosting does not allow.

Even though I wasn’t sure I would understand much of it, I still looked because I never thought I could build my own website or have an e-commerce business that was paying all of my bills either. I am really glad that I looked, because it was not at all intimidating like I thought it would be. The company that I looked at is very affordable. They are actually a lot less than I thought that they would be! I did want to make sure of a few things before I signed up with them though. I wanted to see how they allocate their system resources.

I also wanted to find out the kind of OS they have on the one that I was interested in. I know a lot of people use Linux, but I am most comfortable on Windows, so I wanted to make sure that the programs I wanted to use on the VPS server would be compatible with the operating system. They have a FAQ section on the site that answered these questions plus many more, and i knew that it was a good decision to go ahead and switch to this kind of server. I was up and running within days, and I have not looked back since changing my servers.

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