Getting Ready to Move to My New Home

I am really pretty tired of this apartment and I was really pretty happy when I lucked into the chance to buy this tiny house. It sits on less than a quarter of an acre and it is quite small. I am packed up now and ready to move. I did not have time to clean my apartment so I paid a place called Coast 2 Coast Cleaning 139 dollars to do it for me. I figure that I will end up with two thirds of my deposit and that will have to do. I really just want to get out of there and away from the lunatics who have been my neighbors for the past 8 months. These people have been having this weird feud for months and they are constantly trying to do something to antagonize the other person. It is pretty annoying and you end talking to the police two or three times a week about it.

I have been really excited about moving. Ever since I start getting ready to move I have been a whole lot happier. I can hardly wait to lie down and go to sleep in my new home. I checked out the neighbors a little and they seem really nice. There is an older couple on one side and on the other there is a couple who have two young children. The boy is nine and apparently he is willing to hire himself out. While I was over there he was offering to help me move in, for a price and giving me a quote on mowing the yard. In fact you could pretty much stand in one spot and mow all of the grass in my front yard. The house is surrounded by brick flowerbeds and there is a hedge around the front yard. That only leaves a tiny bit of grass.

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