Write Poetry?

I had been sitting, in my own auto, on a highway, (some might say a parking lot), stuck in traffic, not going. To while away the time I had been reading signs and the bumper stickers in the rear windows of other cars. Wondering if I’ d get house.
Lest I forget my words~~~~ writing on a restaurant napkin, old receipt, the rear of a grocery list&hellip
Totem. Storyteller of the tribe’s lore and history,
Felled and carved in the tree centuries old sculpted in wood that was living, in fear;
The moon, a face, a fish, a spirit, a bear, sunlight
Totems live on as statuary in the garden; the box is topped by a wooden rooster.
A mural the flag of a beloved nation, the star of a single state.
Their tough, courageous small horses were painted by the States before hellip & conflict;
A circle of paint in regards to the eye hand prints, for more accurate eyesight on shoulder
And flank
Now’s tribes paint bumper stickers, magnetic ribbons on their vehicles,
and window stickers. All totems to tell other tribes the things they consider.

A Viet Nam veteran, a girl, a boater, a christian, proud to be a farmer,
A republican, a fisherman, a parent. Prouder to be a soldier,
Keep yourself open to motivation… ears, eyes, brain and heart. You’ll be inspired by unusual and amazing things and odd and amazing things will be written by you. You are going to leave totems for subsequent generations to read.

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